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Pamforos Gaia: “Informing Tastefully

Article from "Bionews Magazine"
Date published: 2009

Events about Ecology and organic Farming in schools. Aiming to sensibilize the local community, starting with the most nutriotionally sensitive group of the population , children, Pamforos gaia saw through a series of events in three schools in the Municipality of Arguroupolis in school year 2008-2009.

The subject of the events was: "Ecology, Environment and the Impact of Organic Farming on Ecology". In the schools that were chosen stood out the interest of the teachers who expressed a strong will to participate. These schools were:

  • "ZOE Schools" in Arguroupolis - Elementary & Middle School
  • "Koutsomalli Schools" in Arguroupolis - Elementary School
  • The 2nd Public Middle School in Arguroupolis

Every event comprised of the following parts:


  • Speech and slideshow by Mr. Leonidas Pseltouras (Secretary of the Organic Shops' Association of Attica) about the environment to students of Elementary & Middle schools in the Municipality of Arguroupolis. The subject was : "Ecology, Environmental Destruction and the Impact of Organic Farming".
  • Theatrical Show: After the speech followed the very much succesfull theatrical show "The Song of the Earth", performed by the group "Lotinos Helios". The subject was Protection of the Forest against Man's Destuctive Activities. The children participated with great enthusiasm in a really "magical show" about the environment. The theatrical play is a Ministry approved children's play that has already been performed in many shools by the group "Lotinos Helios" and shall continue this year in schools that have expressed their interest.
  • Organic Tasting Buffet: After the show, a rich buffet exclusively made with products of organic farming was offered by Pamforos Gaia. It included organic cakes, cookies, pizzas, cheese pies, juices and many more, all certified products of organic farming, so that both students and teachers would be familiarized first hand with organic products.
  • Discussion on Impressions & Printed Material: After the show it was asked from the kids to write down their impressions for consolidation. Printed material was also handed out for the parents on "Ecology and Organic Products" for their general information.

A few words about the show…

"In the big law-court of the universe all the creatures of nature rouse to rebellion and accuse man for the great ecological disaster and the dangers that his thoughtless behavior has caused. He is found to be guilty!

A child that is peacefullty playing in the forest is arrested and is to be judged and condemned as the representative of mankind and responsible for the destruction of the future.

However Mother Earth, knowing that the children are the "future of the world" intervenes and undertakes herself the task to educate and sensibilize the child on the problems of the environment.

A wonderfull journey of adventure and knowledge begins for the child. In the end of his adventure he faces the Big Dragon that holds imprisoned the "Song of the Earth". And then...…".

A worthwhile show that approaches the matter of environmental destruction in a sensitive and clever way, helping the kids to develop a responsible attitude towards the environment they reside and towards their own future.

The aftermath

The purpose of the events was to sensibilise the local community on the matters of ecology and organic farming. For that purpose were selected three schools in Arguroupolis because children are, after all, ...our future. Every festival was embraced by the students with touching enthusiasm and had been very succesfull, due to the good organisation and sencere interest of all the participants. The children satisfied their curiosity, the teachers and professors were particularly positive and expressed their satisfaction, while even the parents were interested to be informed themselves.

This experience and contact with the children, who had a suprisinly positive reaction, made everybody realize at least one thing. By the sensibilization on the value and impact of organic products on ecology and public health the communiy would profit on many levels, If the opportunity was given to continue this kind of events.

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