In this part of our site you will find articles that have been published about “Pamforos Gaia” and organic products in general.


Pamforos Gaia: “Informing Tastefully

Article from "Bionews Magazine"
Date published: 2009

Events about Ecology and organic Farming in schools. Aiming to sensibilize the local community, starting with the most nutriotionally sensitive group of the population , children, Pamforos gaia saw through a series of events in three schools in the Municipality of Arguroupolis in school year 2008-2009.


Traditional Pie

Article from "Popular Medicine Magazine"
Date published: 1/2009

When I first tasted the cheese pastry pie of “Pamforos Gaia”, made following a traditional recipe from the Aegean island of Lemnos, I knew the difference instantly. I experienced a distinct feeling of freshness in my mouth; it was light and gentle to the stomach and, most unusually, it tasted delicious.

traditional pie


If you like pies... then open the freezer!

Article from "Oiko Magazine" of “Kathimerini” 
Date published: 9/4/2004
By Georgia Zavitsanou
Photography: Kanaris Tsiganos

Spinach pies, feta cheese pies and various other organic pies and pastries all produced from organic products are waiting in the freezer for those who are looking for pure and tasty convenience foods – oven baked in a few minutes.