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School Events

Pamforos Gaia, in cooperation with the non-profit organisation K.E.K.Y., during school year 2007-2008, succesfully saw through a series of non-profit Eco-friendly festivals in three public and private schools in the municipality of Arguroupolis, aiming to sensibilize the students of Elementary & Middle School about Environmental & Ecological issues.


The schools that participated in the festivals where the "Koutsomalli Schools" in Arguroupolis, the 2nd Public Middle School of Arguroupolis and the "Zoi Schools". The main purpose of these events was to point out the simple, everyday goals & actions through which one individual may contribute to improving the Environment. Special attention was payed to understanding the great contribution of Organic Farming in the protection of the environment and the impacts on our health.

The students' reaction in all of three schools was really positive and surprising, as the kids showed immediate interest and understanting of burning issues concerning the environment, but also demonstrated their will to take action. They were thrilled with the magical theatrical show "The Earth's song" that was performed by the group "Lotinos Helios", as well as with the rich buffet of delicious organic dishes that followed- a contibution of Pamforos Gaia. Their attention was drawn from the beginning thanks to the amusing and very informative slideshow of Mr. Leonidas Pseltouras, Secretary of the Organic Shops' Association of Attica.

The cooperation of teachers and professors of the schools where the events were held was of decisive importance. Obviously sensibilized on matters concerning the environment, they actively urged on and supported the students. The representatives of Κ.Ε.Κ.Υ. organisation looked after the necessary arrangements and coordinated the procedures. All of the participants agreed that the three-part (Sientificall presentation- Theatrical show - Tasting Buffet) festivals were by far succesfull. Taking notice of the extremely positive reaction of both students and teachers in schools were the events took place, we would like to point out the need to continue actions such as these, so that many more schools and students in Attica can benefit.

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