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Tasting Days

During a five weeks period of Tasting Days which took place in organic shops all over Athens, our clients were given the unique opportunity to get to know and taste for themselves the organic “Vionostimies” of Pamforos Gaia.


Amongst them, the traditional, twisted cheese pie with Greek organic Feta cheese and “Mizithra” cream cheese, the leek pastry pie with extra fine virgin olive oil, the little spinach and herb pies, the tingling little cheese pies, but also the traditional syrupy sweets, “ravani”, “baklava” and the Greek nut cake, “karidopeta”. These go without mentioning the orange, honey flavored and many other, fantastic, sugar- free, cookies.

Some of the organic stores that have already participated in our Tasting Days are:

    • 1.«Mirabillis», 38 Sporadon St, Kipseli
    • 2.«Viorama», 4 El. Venizelou St, Kato Pefki
    • 3.«Kipos Aggelwn», 18 Chios St, Halandri
    • 4.«Gwnia», 11 Pindou St, Peristeri
    • 5.«Prasino», 122 Tatoiou Avenue, Ν.Erithrea
    • 6.«Prasino», 408 Herakleio Avenue, Herakleio
    • 7.«Prasino», 97 Pentelis Avenue, Halandri

The products’ quality and taste received numerous positive remarks from the public.

Even though most of them had already tasted some of the well known organic delicacies of Pamforos Gaia’s organic workshop, they all had the pleasure to taste our newest pastry creations and learn more about the quality way in which they are produced. They learned that the products are prepared in our workshop by an experienced and caring group of women with great affection and responsibility. The raw materials are supplied by certified producers and farmers, while our products are in turn certified by the Certification Organization “DIO”.

“Vionistimies” are the perfect solution for a quick meal at work or at school or even for a party buffet. They are easy to prepare, from the deep freeze directly to the preheated oven. Light to the stomach, handmade with pure organic materials of the fertile earth, they leave a pleasant sense of freshness in your mouth.

Tasting Days shall continue in many more organic retail shops that have already demonstrated their interest. For information on our Tasting Days schedule please contact Pamforos Gaias workshop in 0030.210- 9939912, or email us at info(at)pamforos.com
[at: @]

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