Pamforos Gaia

«Pamforos Gaia» established in 2003, is a company which specializes in the production and distribution of a range of high quality Greek Traditional Organic Food Products, using exclusively organic raw materials from greek organic farms.

The company was the first in Greece to introduce frozen organic traditional pastry and convenience food products. It enjoyed immediate success, was welcomed by the organic market and won the trust of consumers because of the quality of its products. In 2004 it was awarded with the “1st Best Quality Product Prize” in the first Organic Product Exhibition.

Since then the company evolved into one of the main organic wholesalers in Greece distributing a wide range of organic products from various rural areas of the country (e.g. Lemnos, Mytilene, Andros, Crete, Amaliada, Pella and others). Furthermore, the company continues to develop and operate its own production unit of certfied organic traditional products.

The company is launching its new line of products, aiming to cover as widely as possible the dietary preferences of the modern, environmentally conscious consumer.

“Pamforos Gaia” produces, packages, promotes and distributes its products in 350 organic retail shops all over Greece.


From the beginning the workshop of Pamforos Gaia produced handmade and traditional pies, cakes and traditional siropy sweets -using only pure Organic materials of Greek land.

As organic products were not "standardized" and had still "unknown" behavior preceded significant groundwork and research with the participation of special Nutritionists and Food Technicians to create the final recipes and overcome the difficulties in production. Furthermore the organic raw materials that met the required quality standards had to be tracked down from various parts of Greece.

The result was the well known "Vionostimies" series. The public quickly favored their distinguished quality and taste. Production then gradually expanded with various organic pastries as Organic Cakes,Cookies, Biscuits, and traditional sweets, etc.

It is worth noting that all products produced in our workshop are certified and approved by the Certification Organisation ΔΗΩ.

Subsequently the company' s Commerce Department was developed, and a number of certified organic products were gradually added to our series of products, all of them chosen carefully to fullfill strict quality criteria. Currently "Pamforos Gaia" consists of a complete unit of organic food Production and Distirbution. It persists on offering to the Greek audience a variety of organic products, including Frozen items, traditional cheeses, organic fish as well as various kinds of shelf products.

These products bear the guaranteed quality of Pamforos Gaia and are selected based solely on their quality. Our aim in Pamfoross Gaia is to make quality an affordable option to the general public and to spread the idea of "pure and uncontaminated agriculture". We strongly believe that "Organic products are the next step to protecting our health and environment!".

Finally, the company recently launched its new line of products of the "Fertile Earth", aiming to cover as widely as possible the dietary preferences of the modern, environmentally conscious consumer in Greece, as well as abroad.

The vision

«…When my mother used to make her pies in our home village in the island of Lemnos, she used to knead the dough with her hands and then spread it open into fine layers with a rolling pin, she then added the filling of fresh cheese, fennel and mint and then she shaped into swiveled pies which she laid carefully one by one next to each other in a very large pan. When she cooked the pies in the oven the strong fragrance spread through the house and into the neighborhood…

… but times have changed and our foods today are no longer as pure…nor as tasty as they were in those days. Thank fully in organic products I rediscovered the lost tastes and values of my childhood years and I thus felt the compelling need to offer a small part in the proper nutrition of the modern family…»

"PAMFOROS GAIA" was founded by Mrs. Dionisia Psaradelli, Biochemist from Concordia University Montreal, who turned to the organic industry in 2003, having a sincere conviction about the value and purity of organic food. She decided to start an organic food workshop producing Greek traditional organic products in a period where the shelves of the greek organic shops were totally dominated by a bulk of imported organic products.

Observing the total absence of greek organic convenience food, Ms. Psaradelli had a simple vision: ... to prove that pure, healthy organic products could be produced in Greece having excellent quality and taste, using pure organic raw materials from domestic greek organic farms.

The workshop was named «Pamforos Gaia» which translated means: «the Earth that provides all good things»...

... it was the first workshop in Greece to produce organic frozen pastry.

Goals & Philosophy

The Vision:
Offering to our customers pure, healthy, organic products made with ingredients of the Greek fertile earth, is the vision that inspires our efforts.

Our Goal:
Reaching the top of the competition and being established in the minds and hearts of our customers.

Our Policy:
“Only the excellent is enough”
“Value for Money”