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Organic Pastry & Pies of Pamforos Gaia


Frozen Traditional Greek Pastry Pies of  Pamforos Gaia

  • Organic Feta Cheese Pie of Pamforos Gaia

    A unique and tasteful feta cheese pie made exclusively with pure and carefully chosen organic products of Greek agriculture using a traditional Greek recipe. 


  • Organic Spinach And Cheese Pie of Pamforos Gaia

    The pastry is handmade using Greek organic flour and extra fine, virgin olive oil. The organic feta cheese is a traditional high quality product while the spinach and other vegetables come from organic farms free of chemicals and pesticides.

  • Organic Spinach Vegetable Pie of Pamforos Gaia

    The spinach, leek and herbs are high quality organic products from farms where the use of pesticides and other chemicals is prohibited.


Organic Handmade Pastry

    Traditional Handmade Pastry With Exra Fine Virgin Olive Oil of Pamforos Gaia - Organic

    We, Greeks, know that a good pie needs not only a generous filling but also high quality of pastry!

    Traditional Handmade Organic Pastry For Pies of Pamforos Gaia

    This Classic Handmade Organic Pastry from "Fertile Earth", made with fresh, soft organic margarine, is in taste and texture nothing near conventional. 800g.(2 pcs)

    Traditional Handmade Organic Pastry For Pies With DINKEL Whole Wheat Flour of Pamforos Gaia

    We invite you to try our Handmade Organic Pastry, made with organic Greek DINKEL whole wheat flour. Handmade, kneaded with fresh, soft, organic margarine. 800g. (2 pcs)

    Crust Pastry for Pies ΒΙΟ

    The thin and crispy organic Crust Pastry is perfect for fluffy pies that require thin, light pastry! It is easy to use, as it is rarely torn. Its certification guarantees high quality. Weight: 600g.

The wonderful pastry pies and other brand new products of “Fertile Earth” are pure and healthy and do not contain any preservatives or other chemical additives. They are products of Greek Organic Farming, certified by the organization “ΔΗΩ” (IFOAM accredited).

The pastry is handmade, using Greek organic flour and extra fine, virgin olive oil (cold pressed). The Greek organic Feta cheese, as well as the “Mizithra” cream cheese, bears PDO. Butter and other aggravating factors are avoided, while during the production process no salt or sugar is added. Chemical taste enhancers are strictly prohibited.

The special care and constant quality control that these products enjoy in a small scale production process do not compare with anything of mass production’s.

Last but not least, they are wrapped in a very practical packaging, have no need of being defrosted beforehand and can be served in dozens of delicious, different ways!

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